aerofly RC 7 - R/C flight simulator 3,5/5

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R$ 129,90

aerofly RC 7 - R/C flight simulator

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*** Please Check System Requirements Prior to Purchasing ***
*** It is strongly recommended to use this software with a dedicated joystick or R/C controller with a least 4 independent axes ***


Learn to fly radio controlled (R/C) models with aerofly RC 7. When it comes to learning and improving R/C flying skills, aerofly RC 7 is the number one choice for R/C pilots. Our state of the art physics simulation gives you a stunning level of realism. Together with our superb model details and awesome scenery quality you will feel as if standing on a real flying field.
You may choose from a wide variety of models, like aerobatic airplanes, helicopters, jets, gliders, scale models and quadrocopters.
After practicing on aerofly RC 7, you’ll fly confidently and instinctively at the field.
Many features and game-like competitions will test your piloting abilities that put real fun into your virtual flying!


aerofly RC 7 is available in three different editions. When you buy this App you will have aerofly RC 7 Standard Edition with a choice of 30 different models and 5 different sceneries. This edition is a good starting into radio controlled flying. However you may upgrade your edition at any time by purchasing an upgrade to the Professional or Ultimate edition using In-App purchases. The Ultimate edition features more than 200 models and over 50 sceneries!


• Choose from over 30 models and 5 sceneries (Standard Edition)
• Awesome sceneries with full Retina Display support
• Highly detailed aircraft with state of the art physics simulation
• Stunning dynamics simulation for a realistic flight feeling
• Set wind and time of day for challenging training conditions
• Different model types: Quadrocopters, electric and gas powered airplanes, helicopters, gliders, jets, and scale models
• Fly with friends all over the world in Multiplayer Mode.
• Suitable for many R/C transmitters and joysticks
• In-App purchases available: Upgrade aerofly RC 7 to the Professional Edition ( 170 models / 40 sceneries ) or Ultimate Edition ( 200 models / 50 sceneries ) both including additional features like freely scalable models, aircraft editor, helicopter hover trainer and torque-trainer.


Flying the R/C models:
All models can be flown using the mouse and keyboard only. For the best experience, we strongly recommend to use a joystick or dedicated R/C controller with 4 axes.

IMPORTANT, the following graphic cards are NOT supported:
The Intel integrated graphic cards GMA 950 and GMA X3100

Supported graphic cards:
• NVIDIA GeForce 9600, 320M, 330M or faster with 512 MB or more
• ATI Radeon HD 4850, HD 5670, HD 5750, HD 5770, HD 5870, HD 6750 or faster with 512 MB or more
• Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Intel Iris Pro or faster

Some of the complex 4D sceneries require a fast graphic card for optimal performance.

The download size is very large and will take several hours to complete!

Notas de lançamento

11/12/2015 | Versão : 7.4.7 | Tamanho : 6,1 GB
• Reliability improvements regarding In-App purchases
• Bug fixes regarding controller settings, like Dual Rate, Expo and Rate
• Improved placement logic of gliders and towing positions
• Improved performance when loading new models and sceneries

23/9/2015 | Versão : 7.4.5 | Tamanho : 6,1 GB
• The quick model rescale function was broken, you can now rescale your model again
• Some graphic errors have been fixed in a few 4D sceneries
• The models Shark, C5 Galaxy, Soxos 600 and Blade were not loading properly, this has been fixed
• This version now consumes significantly less space on your hard-disc
• We added a new category for Quadcopter models
• Changed the Quadcopter models so that they can do the Heli precision contest
• Minor fixes and corrections to some models

14/7/2015 | Versão : 7.4.3 | Tamanho : 6,1 GB
• This version now consumes significantly less space on your hard-disc
• We added a new category for Quadcopter models
• Changed the Quadcopter models so that they can do the Heli precision contest
• Minor fixes and corrections to some models


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Comentários e avaliações para aerofly RC 7 - R/C flight simulator

Poor simulation: App Store not making refund option avaiable (7.3.5)
19/5/2015 17:25:00 1/5 Por Vlebe
I have just purchased yesterday 18th of may 2015, the standard version of aerofly RC 7. It took me almost 24 hours to download, and I just installed it. I didn't like it at all, and app store is not offering me the option for a refund (as it always do, and as I know I have the right to!) The simulation of this version is extremely poor, I cannot edit parameters of the planes nor the helis (giving more or less commands for instance). THe manual says there is a “model editor” and it does not exist! At least not in the version I have purchased. For heli flying, which is my main interest in sims, there are a LOT of important things lacking. This is not good at all. I cannot use the rotor inversion, or curves for rotor and pitch variation, giro configurations, so on This is very very poor comparing to other sims I have used in the past. I would like a refund, as the product did not corresponded to my expectations. And I would like to know WHY Apple is nto making the refund avaiable not even right after I have installed it!! As I tried to uninstall and have a refund around 5 minutes after I Installed it. Thank you very much for your attention; I`ll be waiting for a response on how to procedd for my refund.

Graficos incríveis e funciona com radio (7.0.7)
30/12/2014 11:07:00 4/5 Por Theozera
Comprei recentemente o jogo realmente muito bom com graficos incríveis, estou usando meu radio Futaba 10 sem problemas, calibração perfeita. O jogo possui 35 aeronaves entre aviões e helicópteros, e 6 pistas para sua escolha. Eu recomendo

Support is very Good!!!! quick response! Very good rc simulator (7.0.5)
18/2/2014 13:15:00 5/5 Por Marcel Balthazar
I have imac version 12,1 core i5 16gb ram and AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB and i had error screen. I was so frustrated for that! I have contacted support and less than 1 hour they answer and give me the solution ! When run the first time set your default language to english(if is not setting yet) them disable show tips. After that you can put your default language(other than english). Very good rc simulator ! cheaper than windows version!!!

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