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R$ 129,90

Artboard 2

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Por Mapdiva, LLC

Simple, powerful, fun. Graphic design software for creative people.

Artboard gives you professional quality drawing tools with a fresh macOS feel. Create crisp vector graphics, sharp logos, pixel-perfect icons and layered illustrations.

~ Best Software for Beginners, 2106 TopTen Reviews ~
~ Gold Award ‘Best Mac Drawing App’ from TopTen Reviews ~

“This is what vector drawing should be. It’s simple to the point of not getting in the way of creativity, but complex enough to compete with any vector package out there.” - Artboard User

What makes Artboard special?

• AT YOUR FINGERTIPS CONTROL – The familiar Mac interface makes you feel right at home. Style, Geometry, Text and Layer Tabs expose Artboard's powerful features. No more digging through menus to find edit commands. Keep your attention where it belongs – on your drawing canvas.

• SUPER SMART DRAWING TOOLS – The most advanced smart objects let you modify shapes and paths with ease. “Live” adjust all vector shapes, paths, and curves with a single, direct Select tool.

• MORE POWERFUL STYLES EDITOR – Go way beyond simple stroke and fill styles of basic illustration software. Artboard’s Style Tab is used to create and edit awesomely expert “stacked” styles (including arrowed strokes, rough strokes, pattern brushes, gradients, image tile, patterned and hatched fills, and more).

• EDITABLE CLIP ART & STYLES – Built-in library of over 1900 Styles & Clip Art includes brilliant pattern brushes, cool color swatches, stylish shapes, maps and flags, flowcharts, floor plan and landscaping, and hundreds more. And these aren’t just standard clip art images – they are crisp vector graphics that you can completely change the size, color and design of to make your own.

• TIME-SAVING WORKFLOWS – Advanced print and export options. Export your drawing, selected objects, individual layers, and/or “slices” of your drawing, at multiple resolutions and scales, supporting multiple Color Spaces.

• TEMPLATES – Flexible templates help small businesses, students, hobbyist and 2D game designers get started on their projects quickly, such as making business cards, posters, pixel perfect icons, and right-sized social media graphics.

What else does Artboard provide that the other guys don’t? A website loaded with support and training such as User Forums, clearly illustrated User Guide, Sample Files and Design Tutorials.

FAST FRIENDLY HELP… from real people.



• Photo / Image Editing
• Shrink-To-Fit and Poster Tiled Printing
• Drawing Units: mm, cm, in, points
• Expandable Layers
• Graph Paper
• Linear & Polar Duplicate
• Pen Tablet Support

Supported File Formats:

IMPORT – Artboard’s Image Browser to import TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, image-PDF (non-editable), PICT, and editable vector SVG 1.1 files. Directly open Artboard ARTB and SVG 1.1 files.

EXPORT – Vector PDF (native AI file format); JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF image formats. Export your entire drawing, individual layers, perfect sized “Slices” of smaller areas of your drawing, or individual selected objects. Supports color spaces including sRGB, RGB and CMYK, transparent backgrounds, multiple scales and resolutions.

Complete release notes on our website.

Notas de lançamento

4/1/2018 | Versão : 2.0.8 | Tamanho : 56,1 MB
• Addresses an OS bug introduced with OS 10.13.2 that prevented the app from opening.
• Other recent enhancements (2.0.7):
- Fully qualified for macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"
- New ‘Layer Opacity’ setting (right-click layer show/hide ‘eye’ icon)
- Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements
- Compatibility with Magic Mouse 2 for option-scrollwheel zooming
- UI rendering improvements for Retina screens
- New keyboard shortcuts for Artboard Tabs

16/11/2017 | Versão : 2.0.7 | Tamanho : 56,1 MB
• Fully qualified for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
• New 'Layer Opacity' setting (right-click layer show/hide 'eye' icon)
• Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements
• Compatibility with Magic Mouse 2 for option-scrollwheel zooming
• Transparency setting on Export now works properly on all formats
• UI rendering improvements for Retina screens
• New keyboard shortcuts for Artboard Tabs

5/1/2017 | Versão : 2.0.4 | Tamanho : 54,8 MB
• A crash that could occur when closing a window in a full-screen session was fixed.
• When setting a simulated paper color, any selected color well elsewhere in the app is now deactivated, so that the color panel only sets the simulated paper color. In addition, a bug where the color panel could be left in an inconsistent state was fixed.
• Added 'Paste Path on Object' command to right-click menu for text paths.
• An issue was fixed where pressing keys on the keyboard during drags in some circumstances could leave the Undo stack in an unclosed state which caused problems for subsequent operations.
• When opening image files from the Open menu, documents are now opened as Untitled. The layer containing the image is set to the original filename. This now also applies to SVG images, so the behaviour in those cases is harmonised.
• Export 'transparent' setting is now saved correctly and is no longer forced 'on' if the user previously set it 'off'.


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Produtividade , Desenhos e design

Dispositivos suportados : Mac OS

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Preço : USD 29.99
Plataforma : Mac OS
Por Mapdiva, LLC

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