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Por Stephan Lauer

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R$ 3,90

Short Game Description

ShortGame is App, that works according to the guidelines of the Tucker-Test. The Tucker-Test allows conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of a golfer. For example, does a golfer play his handicap when putting or is he lying above or below? Can he pitch well but play badly if he has to hit a ball out of the bunker? After about an hour Tucker-Test it is clear where the player in question still has some catching up to do and what he has to work on intensively during training.

Setup of the Tucker Test

The Tucker test plays a set number of common punches: pitches, bunker strikes, chips, troubleshots, and short and long putts. The results of these beats are then entered in an evaluation sheet. A professional golfer would achieve about 80 out of a possible 100 points in the tasks and set goals.

The different tasks and points awarded

In all tasks, except when testing the putts, five balls must always be beaten in order to ultimately find a meaningful result. For the assessment of the short pitches, the balls are beaten from a distance of 15 meters towards the flag - each ball, which remains at a maximum of 1.5 meters from the flag, brings the player one point. From different distances to the green (25, 40, 55, 70 and 85 meters) the long pitches are tested. This is where the ball touches the ground for the first time after the flight.

With bunker shots it behaves similarly - here, too, the place where the ball comes up. From three different distances each 5 balls are played, which have to land in each specified landing zone. To classify the chipping skills of the golfer concerned, the balls are placed at a distance of twelve to 18 meters to the flag. If the ball comes to rest within ten percent of the total distance near the flag, it will score one point.

Troubleshots and putts

The troubleshot also counts the percentage of the total distance the ball comes to rest. Five different troubleshot positions are tested, and whenever the ball stays within 15 percent of the total distance, the player receives one point. The short putts are tested by hitting four balls from each of the four directions from four different distances. Every ball gets a point. If possible, the ball should describe a slight curve.

ShortGame Competition

To make the test more attractive, ShortGame opens the test for different skill levels. 3 Skill Levels are defined, Basic for less experienced players, Amatuer for intermediate experienced players and professional players for experienced players ,for whom the Tucker-Test is intended. The goals are adjusted to the skill levels so that even players with less experience can enjoy the test. In addition, the app allows to perform the test with up to 4 players. Players with a variety of experience can take the test together and determine in a contest that will produce the best results incorporating their experience. With the help of Leaderboards, the current status during the test can be displayed.

R$ 3,90

Notas de lançamento

19/09/2019 | Versão : 1.0 | Tamanho : 15,9 MB

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