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USD 59.99

Accordance® is the premier application for studying and searching the Bible. For over 20 years Accordance has been helping students, pastors, scholars, and devotional readers go deeper in their Bible study. If you are looking for a fast and powerful tool that will take your Bible study to the next level, Accordance is for you.

What can you do with Accordance?
Accordance lets you read, search, and explore the Bible and related texts. You can also create your own user content that will integrate with the rest of your study materials and sync with Accordance on iOS.

• Read the Bible and compare multiple translations side by side
• Read devotionals and follow a Bible reading plan
• Read commentaries that will scroll in sync with your Bible

• Search the Bible using powerful search commands
• Search the Bible graphically using a drag and drop interface
• Analyze search results with customizable charts and graphs

• Look up unfamiliar words in Bible dictionaries and lexicons
• Explore parallel passages in the Gospels, Epistles, Hebrew Bible, and more
• Learn more about words in the Bible just by hovering over them (in tagged Bibles)

• Take notes that will scroll in sync with your Bible
• Highlight your Bible and other books with customizable highlight colors and patterns
• Create or import user tools that integrate with your library and are fully searchable
• Create Bible diagrams to study the structure of a passage (does not sync with iOS)

What does this Starter Collection Include?
This Accordance 11 Starter Collection includes the ESV Bible tagged with Strong’s numbers, Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, IVP's New Bible Commentary, and over 20 other resources to aid you in your Bible study. Below is a list of all the Bibles, books, and tools included.

English Bibles
• Bible in Basic English
• Douay-Rheims Bible
• English Standard Version tagged with Strong’s numbers (ESVS)
• King James Version tagged with Strong's numbers (KJVS)
• King James Version Apocrypha (KJVA)
• World English Bible (WEB)

International Bibles
• French Louis Segond (LSG)
• German Elberfelder 1905 (ELBER05)
• German Luther 1912 (LUTH12)
• Spanish Reina-Valera 1909 con Strong (RVR09S)
• Portuguese João Ferreira De Almeida Atualizada (ALMEIDA)

Greek Bibles
• Textus Receptus Greek New Testament
• Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Tagged Greek New Testament Demo (first three chapters)

Greek Tools
• Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament

Hebrew Bibles
• Hebrew Masoretic Text Demo (first three chapters)

Hebrew Tools
• Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew–Aramaic Dictionary of the Old Testament

Bible Parallels
• Old Testament
• Old Testament in the New Testament
• Gospels
• Harmony
• Q Sayings
• Synoptics
• Epistles

• IVP New Bible Commentary
• Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Condensed)

• Easton's Bible Dictionary
• Eerdmans Dictionary of the BIble
• Webster's Dictionary

Bible Reading Plans
• Chronological Readings
• Devotional Readings

Other Tools
• Bible Outlines
• Classic Passages
• Parables & Miracles
• Maps Sampler
• Nave's Topical Bible
• PhotoGuide Sampler
• Biblical Studies
• Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced and Expanded

What else is available for purchase?
If you want to add more to your library, you can purchase other books and Bible study tools at any time. Accordance offers an extensive catalog of materials including everything from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end Greek and Hebrew resources. Whatever your Bible study needs, Accordance has you covered.

USD 59.99

Notas de lançamento

28/10/2016 | Versão : 11.2.4 | Tamanho : 339,9 MB
Version 11.2.4
New modern infrastructure, new features for Library, Undo, and many bug fixes! macOS Sierra compatible.

New Features
▪Accordance is now a fully Cocoa app
▪A Library module, folder, workspace, or a tab can now be dragged to the toolbar to save that module or folder as an easily accessible favorite.
▪Support for OS X's Split Screen
▪Support for OS X's Dictation
▪Unicode Texts and Tools can now be searched in Research.
▪Tool bibliographic citations now include the article author
▪Undo/Redo is now multi-level and uses standard Cmd-Z and Shift-Cmd-Z to Undo and Redo, respectively.
▪When displaying a verse search across multiple panes, extra verses in one pane will be shown in the others, even if not part of the original search.
▪Library Bibliographic data can be exported to the .RIS format for import into bibliographic management software, such as EndNote, Zotero, and others.
▪"Accordance" font is now bundled with the program and used as default for unicode original language display.
▪For tools that support it, a new scope 'Main Article' can be used for easier searching and amplification.
▪Searching using 'bracketed words' options is now supported in Chapter and Book scope.
▪Auto-link now supports verse references of only a book and chapter, such as "Exodus 3".
▪A favorite workspace can now be used as the default startup
▪Authors of tool articles are now displayed in the pane title
▪Syntax phrases now can search for one part, all parts (11.1.x behavior) or only fully contiguous parts
▪Copy As Interlinear is now based on a desired export width, rather than a fixed number of columns
▪Improved Drag and Drop preview images
▪Visual improvements to 3D Map

Changes and Improvements
▪Added preference to open context tabs with the source reference scrolled to the top
▪Paging up and down now snaps to the new line
▪Improved support for upcoming liturgical tools
▪Abbreviated forms of modern hebrew aspects (such as qatal) can now be searched for
▪New Workspaces are now added as a favorite when saved.
▪To accommodate Undo/Redo, the FUZZY command key is now Shift-Cmd-J.
▪Improved Easy Install handling of folders, skipped items, and duplicate items
▪Tools with no page number will now cite with the paragraph number, rather than 'n.p.'
▪Added preference to use alternate 'SBL' encoding for the damaged hebrew letter diacritic
▪Optimized User Tool import
▪Changed all communication to use SSL for enhanced security
▪Works around macOS Sierra crash when loading pictures
▪Text Differences between uncial and greek texts now show the text in its proper language
▪Updated Bibliography Formats
▪Updated localizations
▪Updated help files

10/06/2016 | Versão : 11.1.6 | Tamanho : 333,7 MB
Version 11.1.6
Significant Syntax improvements and many bug fixes!

Changes and Improvements
▪Internal Tool hyperlinks now display their destination in Instant Details
▪Added Syntax Phrase searching support for Appositive, Vocative, and Casus Pendens
▪Syntax Specifier and Exclamation items no longer contribute to depth in searches, and are thus drawn with parentheses
▪Book Chooser popup now shows native book names if set as the default
▪HTML hyperlinks import more cleanly, hiding the URL behind the text if set
▪Renamed "Simple Subject" to "Subject Word" in syntax choice dialogs
▪Minor tweaks to the Hebrew adjective tag dialog
▪Updated Hebrew words and roots
▪Dependent parenthesis clauses are now supported in the tree and construct.
▪Instant details of typed clauses now show the specific subtype.
▪Searching for Hebrew aspect forms will support Traditional or Modern (QTL) forms, regardless of preference.
▪Displaying tool Instant Details information will skip the first verses if they are not found in either Hypertext default.
▪Syntax phrase or clause depth can be changed by typing a number when the item is selected in the construct.
▪Added Instant Details support for Timeline Palette scripture links.
▪Added Localization in French.
▪Updated localizations.
▪Updated help files

01/04/2016 | Versão : 11.1.3 | Tamanho : 333,3 MB
Version 11.1.3
Huge new features in User content, Syntax, enhanced MTLXX Analysis, and tagging improvements - plus many bug fixes!

New Features
▪Significant improvements to User Notes:
⁃Pictures are now allowed to be inserted and pasted. If they are large, a dialog offers to shrink them down.
⁃External and hidden links are now supported: Scripture, Web, File, and Resource. These links do not have to be displayed in the text.
⁃A new language menu lets the user specify which language to enter when typing normal characters. If Greek or Hebrew are selected, this allows for easy entry using Yehudit and Helena keyboard layouts, even though the note is unicode. This also allows for easy keyboard shortcuts to swap languages.
⁃A 'last edited' time is now present while editing the note.
▪For User Tools: pictures, links, language menu, and improved graphics are all supported as with User Notes.
▪User Tools can now be converted to a regular tool, allowing the use of Highlights, User Notes, and full searching.
▪Significant improvements to User Bible import:
⁃An existing module's versification can now be used instead of the default KJV based versification, allowing far easier import of different styles of texts.
⁃Custom book names can now be used as 'native' book names if they are provided in a separate text file, where each line represents the book name, with the original name followed by a 'tab' followed by the new native name.
▪Analysis and Analysis graphs for searches in the Hebrew Bible and LXX can now also show their translation equivalents using the MT-LXX Parallel tool
▪Significant syntax changes:
⁃Removed 'Find first occurrence only' checkbox as it is not being used and is no longer needed.
⁃Improved interface when adding items that may function as a phrase or clause (such as complement) to offer between single and phrase variants. This should reduce confusion for new users.
⁃Syntax tree cross highlighting now works across verse boundaries.and shows all items in a split element, such as across a split predicate.
⁃Searching for an independent clause within another independent clause is now allowed.
⁃Phrase and clause hits are now properly shown with lines in the text representing the full phrase or clause, rather than just highlighting the first word.
⁃Phrase and Clause elements now support searching by depth, which specifies the maximum number of allowed terms between the phrase/clause and the required elements within it. For instance, a depth of 2 between an independent clause and a subject means at most two extra layers of syntactical information can be present in between.
▪Interlinear data is now copied with rtf styling, allowing direct table pasting into almost all word processors (everything but Pages).
▪Greater unicode localization support. No new languages included yet, though.
▪Cross highlighting is now supported between the Diagram pane and the greek text.
▪Support for tagged transliteration texts, such as upcoming tagged Ugaritic.
▪Unicode bibles can now be diagrammed.
▪Unicode bibles now support the full suite of analytics (Analysis, Hits Graph, Concordance, Pie chart, etc.)
▪Added support for swipe, pinch, and rotate gestures in the Picture, Atlas, Timeline, and 3D Map documents.
▪The Library now supports custom folder icons, set via the Right-click or Action menu.

Changes and Improvements
▪All uses of the word 'Lemma' have been replaced with 'Lexeme' or its variants, for consistency.
▪Page Numbers in tools can now be hidden or shown in a different color
▪Click and drag to select multiple Info pane crossreferences to open at once.
▪MTLXX Analysis data can now display and sort by Lexical form in addition to inflected form
▪The Info Pane pericope title can now be clicked to open the Outlines tool.
▪Easy Install now lists missing, but installed modules, as available for reinstallation
▪Added UBS5 support to interlinear and elsewhere
▪Updated help files

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