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Por Roman Shpuntov

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Feel real freedom with modern peer-to-peer and peer-to-many video transmission technologies, as well as the complete security of your broadcast with end-to-end traffic encryption technology. The main feature of alfacast is the ability to streaming and viewing video broadcasts without of any intermediate servers, using serverless peer-to-peer and peer-to-many technologies. Stream your content from a video camera, photo albums, stream videos from your desktop, show presentations or slides at work or at university using multichannel streaming peer-to-many technology!

alfacast features:
• Support video resolution up to SD quality
• Serverless single channel peer-to-peer streaming technology
• Serverless multichannel peer-to-many streaming technology
• Streamer and viewer in one application
• Automatically discover users on the local network
• Multiplatform support
• Secure connection with end-to-end AES-128 encryption technology
• And much more...

System requirements for broadcasting and viewing:
• CPU with 2-cores with a clock frequency of at least 1.5 Ghz
• The minimum amount of RAM 4GB
• 100 Mbit Wireless or Wired Network Router
• Hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding support, compatible with Apple VideoToolbox technology

Multichannel streamer:
• This feature is available by subscription, with SD video resolution
• The maximum number of channels 32
• Stable internet connection
• Correct system clock time

General requirements:
• Devices must be connected to the same network
• Support only IPv4 networks


Notas de lançamento

28/02/2020 | Versão : 2.6 | Tamanho : 8,5 MB
• Added brightness, contrast, saturation, hue features
• Added video size adjustment feature

19/06/2019 | Versão : 1.7 | Tamanho : 8,1 MB
• Bug fix
• Added welcome message on app start
• Added processing of device rotation feature for some OS

02/06/2019 | Versão : 1.4 | Tamanho : 8,1 MB
• Bug fix
• Added iOS support

Imagens Mac OSX :

Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX Imagens Mac OSX


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