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Real-time satellite imagery on your desktop.

Watch sunlight and weather patterns move across Earth throughout the day, and bask in the glory of our blue marble in real time.

Every 20 minutes (or every hour, you pick), Downlink updates your desktop background with the newest images of Earth.

Choose from 10 different views of Earth, from close ups of the tropics, to the continental US, to the absolutely stunning full disk images from 3 different geostationary satellites.

Note: As new sources come online, they’ll be added to the app as fast as possible. As of yet, though, I haven’t been able to find an open and available data source for Europe and/or Africa with the image quality and refresh frequency needed. If and when one is available, it’ll be in the app.


Notas de lançamento

03/07/2019 | Versão : 1.1 | Tamanho : 4,6 MB
- Added a “Refresh now” button to the settings menu (helpful if you need to force a re-download of a corrupted image)
- Fixed a rendering issue with some new images from GOES-East

09/05/2019 | Versão : 1.0 | Tamanho : 4,6 MB


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