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Por Alexander Bisset

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FTAnalyzer works alongside your existing family tree program and allows you to look deep into your family tree, spotting errors and omissions you didn't know were there.

You simply export a GEDCOM file from your existing family tree software or website and open it in FTAnalyzer to analyse it. It will load your file, show you the details of your tree plus any errors it finds, and generate various reports and analysis on the individuals and families in your tree.

The research suggestions tab allows you to see census entries and view which census you may have missed finding someone on. Then to save you time you can double click on one of those cells to automatically search Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch or FreeCen.

Note that at no time does FTAnalyzer edit your family tree data all the decisions about making any changes to your tree remain in your hands.

So why not break down those brick walls by tidying up your tree and quickly finding information you didn't know was missing.


Notas de lançamento

31/05/2019 | Versão : v1.3.0 | Tamanho : 22,7 MB
Added support for Birth Marriage and Death research suggestions
Added automatic BMD searching by double clicking on BMD entries.
Added support for automatic searching of Scotland's People website for Census & BMD.

18/02/2019 | Versão : 1.2.0 | Tamanho : 22,5 MB
Added automated Lost Cousins login and upload people found on census to LostCousins.com
Added lots of tweaks to census references program now recognises several new census records

12/02/2019 | Versão : 1.1.1 | Tamanho : 22,2 MB
Added printing of Research Suggestions
Added option to view Line Errors report if loading encounters line errors
Cleaned up printing output headers and widths


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