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Por Christopher Meub

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R$ 7,90

MirrorPro is a minimalist camera mirror that is fully featured and easy to use. It works with your built-in iSight camera as well as external USB cameras.

-External USB Camera support. Easily switch between devices.
-Autosave of all settings and selected device.
-Fullscreen support using the maximum available resolution.
-Window Snapping with support for multiple monitors.
-Window Floating to keep the mirror on top of other windows.
-Use at any size and aspect ratio. Perfect for a rear-view mirror.
-Switch between mirrored and non-mirrored modes.
-Take a high-resolution photo of yourself.

What to use MirrorPro for:
-Applying makeup and mascara.
-Mustache styling.
-Checking your teeth.
-Security when viewing confidential material.

-Click anywhere on the mirror to move it around.
-Press the arrow keys to quickly position the mirror on screen.
-Press Command+T to take a photo.
-Press Command+R to cycle between common aspect ratios.

R$ 7,90

Notas de lançamento

31/07/2016 | Versão : 2.3 | Tamanho : 1,5 MB
New in this version:
-MirrorPro now remembers your settings when you close the App.
-Window position, size, and Controls are all remembered.
-Whichever Device you last selected will be used the next time you open MirrorPro.
-Choose Controls -> Reset Position to revert back to the original window size.

Thanks to a user who asked for these features :)


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