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R$ 10,90

My Koi, now available on Mac after the success of the iOS version. Featured in 40+ countries in the App Store under 'Best New Updates' in April 2017.

My Koi is a beautiful and relaxing fish pond app. Customise and name each fish. Feed them daily. Watch them grow. Collect new fish. Escape and relax.



"Love it love it love it - I can't keep my self from checking on them every 3 to 4 hours ... This relaxes me at work." 5 stars. - Raulito1991, USA
"The best game ever!!!! - I went into the App Store a few days ago looking for a old koi game I used to play. I instead ended with this and I love it! Worth every cent, this game is so fun. " 5 Stars. - Blenore, USA
" Superb! Well done and realistic !!!" 5 stars.- Apaz69, Italy
" If you are seeking out a serene experience, then look no further than My Koi". -


With My Koi you can

* Add up to 16 unique fish to your pond. Change their scales and patterns. No two fish are alike so everyones experience will be different
* Unlock more fish slots and new varieties once milestones have been reached
* View and track each fish underwater
* Feed your fish and watch them swim to food
* See your fish grow over time and see their growth stats
* Name each fish
* Tap them and watch them swim away
* View fish happiness levels which will change depending on how much they are fed
* The time of day will change as you play effecting sound and light
* Variable rain and thunder
* 6 varieties of butterfly that visit the flowers on your pond
* Enjoy the calming atmosphere and beauty of your own private koi pond whilst listening to the relaxing sounds of nature

So, download My Koi now to escape and relax with your own private underwater oasis.

My Koi currently has no in-app purchases or advertising.

R$ 10,90

Notas de lançamento

28/04/2019 | Versão : 2.1.3 | Tamanho : 97,6 MB
•New Ambient mode controls, adjust time limit and optional new sleep timer that closes the app after a set period

•New environment decoration, underwater tree trunks

•Bug fixes, optimisations

12/02/2019 | Versão : 2.1.1 | Tamanho : 88,3 MB
-New Long fin Koi type

-New Rain Controls

-Improved UI

-Better Fish Movement

-Bug Fixes / Optimisations

04/01/2018 | Versão : 1.45 | Tamanho : 76,0 MB
New 'Ambient Mode' for when you want the ambient sounds of nature but don't need to look at the fish (uses less power)

Bug fixes and optimisations


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My Koi
My Koi

Preço : USD 1.99
Plataforma : iPhone/iPad
Por Sakana Studios

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