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R$ 169,90

The App Store's top Texas Hold'em odds calculator.
(The *Expert* version of PokerCruncher.)

Take your game to the next level with PokerCruncher, an expert professional-level hand ranges and flop/turn/river texture analysis Texas Hold'em odds calculator that goes well beyond even PokerStove.

*** Video tutorial on our website ***

*** Pay once and enjoy forever ***
No in-app purchases/fees.
Continual improvement for many years.

*** Only One License Needed ***
… to use this app on several of your personal Mac’s.

- Range Manager.
- Links to videos and blogs on PokerCruncher (by pros/coaches) directly inside the app.

Great reviews from poker experts, pros, and coaches, and on our TwoPlusTwo forum thread.
(See our website.)

--> Super fast and easy to use for basic hand matchups.
--> Advanced features like hand ranges, Deal-To-Flop/Turn/River, flop/turn/river texture analysis, and many stats for serious strategy analysis.
--> Additional, expert-level features like range equity distribution graphs, many top x% hand orderings, %age weights in hand ranges, filter range, and next card heat map.
--> Tutorial, videos.

Most poker odds calc apps are nowhere as powerful as PokerCruncher. Some don't even support random hands (let alone hand ranges), some don't let you enter hands for multiple players, some make an incomplete attempt at hand ranges, …

PokerCruncher is the full real deal, more powerful than even the PC's PokerStove application.

Start using PokerCruncher today to improve your game and your results!

--- Redesigned and Improved for Mac ---
Additional, expert-level features.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac(Expert) versions available

--- Completely General ---
Up to 10 players, with specific cards, random/unknown cards, or hand ranges for each player. Dead cards, %age's or n:1 odds, …

--- Fully General Hand Ranges ---
Poker is a game of incomplete information; we need to put our opponents on **ranges of hands**. PokerCruncher surpasses even PokerStove's features, e.g. range equity breakdown heat maps and hand combo stats, range equity distribution graphs, many top x% hand orderings, %age weights in hand ranges, and filter range. Full grid of all 169 starting hands (also text field entry), top x% of hands slider, select hand combos (suits and weights) in hand ranges, extensive built-in hand ranges, save/load and export/import hand ranges, …

Deal-To-Flop/Turn/River and Flop/Turn/River Texture Analysis
Many Stats
Hand type stats (OnePair, TwoPair, etc.), flop/turn/river hit stats, odds for flopping/turning draws and combination draws, OnePair breakdown stats, customizable "Total Hit" stat, mouse over a range’s stats, …

--- Range Manager ---

--- Next Card Heat Map ---

Save/Load and Export/Import Scenarios (Hands) and Hand Ranges
Support Other Programs' Hand Range Text Syntaxes For Weights

Enter/Edit Scenario Notes
Calc’ed Scenarios History

--- Tutorial and Videos ---
If thinking in terms of hand ranges and flop/turn/river texture analysis (techniques expert players and pros use) are new to you, no problem, see the PokerCruncher Tutorial and videos on our website.

See our website for our strong free app update history over many years.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

+ Runs locally on machine, internet connection not needed
+ Fast Monte Carlo simulation, complete enumeration for some common cases
+ Completely general tool, e.g. up to 10 players
+ Specific cards, random/unknown cards, fully general hand ranges, for each player
+ Generate random player and board cards to set up what-if and test scenarios
+ Dead cards
+ Fold/Un-Fold players
+ %age's or n:1 odds
+ A one big "mission control screen" UI design
+ Small, medium, large, max-size window sizes
+ Dark-appearance mode (macOS Mojave 10.14+)

Please see the PokerCruncher Tutorial and videos on our website for more information.

App Store reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you.

R$ 169,90

Notas de lançamento

14/12/2019 | Versão : 12.7.1 | Tamanho : 2,2 MB
Add a new (3rd) state “-” (meaning delete) for the stats’ checkbox buttons, to make the TotalHit stat and the Filter Hand Range operation more flexible/powerful.

So now, for the stats’ checkbox buttons:

Click = Mark stat as ON / OFF in TotalHit, Filter
SHIFT+click = Mark stat as “-” (delete) / OFF

This new “-” state means delete the stat from the TotalHit stat, after adding/unioning all of the checkmarked/ON stats. This also applies in the same way to the Filter Hand Range operation (“Filter” button).

This new “-” (delete) state makes the TotalHit stat and the Filter Hand Range operation more flexible/powerful by allowing us to subtract off some stats after adding some other (larger) stats, allowing us to in a way create different/custom stats and filters. For example, we can add the OnePair stat (with “Hit Hand” stats selected), and then subtract off the OverPair and TopPair stats, to get only the marginal and weak OnePair’s, if that’s what we desire.

Tooltips, Help screens, Tutorial:
* Add tooltips for all stats’ labels in the Stats view for this new feature, including for the TotalHit stat.
* Improve the RemoveAll and AddAll buttons’ tooltips in the Stats view.
* Update the related Help screens (TotalHit stat, Filter Hand Range operation).
* Expand and improve the TotalHit stat’s section in the Tutorial.

===== Previous Update Version 12.6.2 =====
* A further improvement for the behavior of the “View Card Removal Effect” setting/feature: the 4x4 Hand Combos (suits) view now shows card removal effect.

If you like PokerCruncher and our continuing work, please consider writing an App Store review, thanks!
-RJ, PokerCruncher, LLC

28/04/2019 | Versão : 12.4.1 | Tamanho : 2,1 MB
Improvements to the Range Manager view (new keyboard shortcuts) to enable us to work with quick-saved hand ranges even faster. And a matching improvement to the Quick-Load Hand Range button.

1) Range Manager View (“RngMgr” button): Add 3 new keyboard shortcuts to enable us to load, select, and save ranges even faster:

CMD+[Click Range] = LOAD
SHIFT+[Click Range] = Select
OPTION+[Click Range] = SAVE

2) Quick-Load Hand Range Button: Swap the meanings of the SHIFT and CMD keyboard shortcuts for consistency with other views:

CMD+[Quick-Load Range] = *add* selected SUBRANGE to current range
SHIFT+[Quick-Load Range] = *select* selected SUBRANGE’S CELLS in current range

This gives the SHIFT keyboard shortcut “select” meaning, which matches the meaning in the hand range grid and in the Range Manager view.

3) Small edge-case bug fix in the Range Manager view: If you clicked/selected an empty quick-saved hand range and then clicked the Select button, the hand range grid had no selected cell, which is an abnormal state. Now, the AA cell is selected by default.

4) Update the Keyboard Shortcuts Help screen with the new keyboard shortcuts in this update. Also, improve the layout of this Help screen.

===== Previous Update Version 12.3.1 =====
* New stat “Nut Flush Draw”. Improvements for exporting/backing-up our quick-saved hand ranges: UI improvements, backup file. And some UI fixes, adjustments, tweaks.

===== App Reviews =====
App Store reviews help PokerCruncher succeed and get even better, and are greatly appreciated, thank you!
-RJ, PokerCruncher, LLC

23/11/2016 | Versão : 9.4.1 | Tamanho : 1,9 MB
A big new expert-level feature: %age weights in hand ranges. And some smaller new features and improvements.

1) New feature: %age weights in hand ranges. (See Details below and Tutorial on our website.)
2) New checkbox setting “Auto-Stop Monte Carlo Calculation” (under “Calculate” button); is configurable.
3) Update in-app Help info. and Tutorial on our website with these new features.
4) Minor UI tweaks/improvements across the app.
5) Improve app icon (add “EXP” label to indicate expert-level).
6) This app now requires OS X 10.9 or later.

===== App Reviews =====
App Store reviews help PokerCruncher succeed and get even better, and are greatly appreciated, thank you!
-RJ, PokerCruncher, LLC

===== Details =====

1) %age Weights In Hand Ranges

%age weights are a more granular, more general, and more convenient weighting mechanism than hand combo weights (Suits view).

A) Assigning %age Weights
* %age weights can only be assigned to cells that have been added to the hand range.
* The “Weight" text field lets you assign a %age weight to the selected added cell(s), 1% .. 99%.
* For an added cell, a blank/cleared weight means no weight i.e. the default weight 100%.
* Can use the "25%", "50%", "75%" buttons (OPTION+click on these buttons sets custom values for these buttons).
* Can multi-assign weights (when you have multiple added cells selected).

B) Fast-Assigning %age Weights
* The "Rmbr" button remembers the current weight; OPTION+click/drag on an added cell(s) assigns the remembered weight to the added cell(s).

C) Viewing %age Weights
* In the range grid, weighted cells are colored on a yellow -> orange gradient (fully added cells) or light-green -> green gradient (partially-added cells).
* New checkbox setting “View Weights” shows weights in the range grid.

D) %age Weights Across The App
* Range %age’s and hand combo counts in the Range Editor, Heat Map, and Distribution Graph views are now weight-adjusted.
* Hand range text syntax has been expanded to include %age weights, by adding an optional “Weights: …” section at the end.
* Of course, %age weights are now handled in save/load, quick-save/quick-load, and export/import, for both hand ranges and scenarios.
* The Range Editor view’s “?” (Help) button/screen has been updated, e.g. new section on %age weights.
* Other Help screens have also been updated for %age weights e.g. the Keyboard Shortcuts Help screen.

Imagens Mac OSX :

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