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Por Simon Berridge

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USD 5.99

SimpleContractor is an application that allows you to maintain your invoices and contracts with many clients.

SimpleContractor main features:

- Unlimited Clients
- Unlimited Contracts (linked to Clients)
- Unlimited Work Items
- Real-time Task handling
- Invoice Production
- Invoice Maintenance
- Outstanding Invoices
- Paid Invoices
- VAT Reporting

SimpleContractor operates a simple concept of trapping/recording individual tasks (work items) that are undertaken on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and linking each task to a specific contract. Each contract is linked to a specific client.

Each client may have many contracts associated with them. These contracts can be active or inactive as well as being current or not current. This will allow you to maintain and extend existing contracts.

Each contract has associated with it a financial rate in a currency of your choice. The rate is dependent upon the frequency selected for the contract. VAT is handled at the contract stage and SimpleContractor allows you to maintain as many separate VAT rates as you need.

Invoices are generated and can be saved as PDF files or printed directly from your printer. You may add a graphic for your invoice to personalise the output.

There are many reports available from SimpleContractor. Some of these are:

- Unpaid Invoice list
- Paid Invoice list
- Client List
- Contract List

USD 5.99

Notas de lançamento

20/08/2015 | Versão : 1.5 | Tamanho : 19,0 MB
- Default Hours added
- Minor bug fixes

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